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24Candida tropicalisMolecularPCR-REAIdentification of medically significant fungal genera by polymerase chain reaction followed by restriction enzyme analysisAristea Velegraki , Manousos E. Kambouris , George Skiniotis , Marianna Savala Angeliki Mitroussia-Ziouva , Nicholas J. LegakisJournal
Cryptococcus albidus//////////
Cryptococcus laurentii//////////
Cryptococcus neoformans//////////
23Aspergillus fumigatusMolecularSimplex PCRRapid extraction of fungal DNA from clinical samples for PCR amplificationA. VELEGRAKI, M. KAMBOURIS, A. KOSTOUROU, G. CHALEVELAKIS, N. J. LEGAKISJournal
Candida albicans//////////
Candida dubliniensis//////////
Cryptococcus neoformans//////////
21Colletotrichum coccoidesConventionalMicroscopyDirect identification of potato¬Ęs fungal phyto-pathogens by Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) microscopyV. Erukhimovitch L. Tsror M. Hazanovsky M. HuleihelJournal
Helminthosporium solani//////////