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38Candida lusitaniae MolecularPCR-SSCPDelineation of Clavispora lusitaniae clinical isolates by PCR-SSCP analysis of the ITS1 region, a retrospective study comparing five typing methodsArabatzis M, Kollia K, Menounos P, Logotheti M, Velegraki AJournal
37Trichosporon MolecularSequencingSequence-based identification, genotyping and EUCAST antifungal susceptibilities of Trichosporon clinical isolates from GreeceArabatzis M, Abel P, Kanellopoulou M, Adamou D, Alexandrou-Athanasoulis H, Stathi A, Platsouka E, Milioni A, Pangalis A, Velegraki A.Journal
36MalasseziaSpectroscopicalMALDI-TOFFEfficient identification of Malassezia yeasts by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS)Kolecka A, Khayhan K, Arabatzis M, Velegraki A, Kostrzewa M, Andersson A, Scheynius A, Cafarchia C, Iatta R, Montagna MT, Youngchim S, Cabañes FJ, Hoopman P, Kraak B, Groenewald M, Boekhout TJournal
35MalasseziaConventionalMicroscopyNovel application of the masson-fontana stain for demonstrating Malassezia species melanin-like pigment production in vitro and in clinical specimens. Gaitanis G, Chasapi V, Velegraki A.Journal
34Malassezia globosaMolecularPCR-SSCPDistribution of Malassezia species in pityriasis versicolor and seborrhoeic dermatitis in Greece. Typing of the major pityriasis versicolor isolate M. globosa. Gaitanis G, Velegraki A, Alexopoulos EC, Chasapi V, Tsigonia A, Katsambas A.Journal
Malassezia sympodialis//////////
33Malassezia furfurMolecularPCR-SSCPDetection and mutation screening of Malassezia sympodialis sequences coding for the Mal s 1 allergen implicated in atopic dermatitis Gaitanis G, Menounos P, Katsambas A, Velegraki A.Journal
Malassezia globosa//////////
Malassezia obtusa //////////
Malassezia pachydermatis//////////